Release Unhealthy Attachments & Optimize Energy Protection Sessions

Say goodbye to those harmful and pesky negative vibes & toxic relations!

If you are you encountering negative, toxic, or unwelcome energies, such as,

  • Psychic Attacks
  • Energy Vampires
  • Toxic & Narcissistic People
  • Curses or Bad-luck
  • Obsessive Thoughts
  • Negative Self-talk
  • Unhealthy Attachments, Habits and Patterns

Dealing with these types of energy can leave you feeling tired, unwell, down, anxious, depressed, facing challenges, or finding life difficult. These signs may suggest you have an overload of negativity in your energy field.


I will specially curated your session to cut cords, unravel and release the hidden energetic bonds and harmful attachments that have been holding you back, causing harm, and effecting your well-being.

Some common signs you have toxic cords and negative bindings:

  • Illnesses: Chronic fatigue or other persistent health issues that drain your energy and prevent recovery.
  • Addictions: Cycles of destructive habits or relationships that are difficult to break free from.
  • Mental/Emotional struggles: Persistent difficulties despite efforts to improve your situation.
  • Relationship issues: Unhealthy, energy-draining partnerships that may stem from codependent contracts established in childhood.
  • “Bad luck”: A string of negative events or experiences that may be influenced by curses or energy markers.

Do who believe …

  • You’ve been cursed, or super unlucky?
  • Are you are the target of invasive, inappropriate, unwanted or harmful energies and emotions?
  • Are you working or living with a negative or toxic person?
  • Are you a target of harmful energies (psychic attacks) such as jealously, gossip, anger, envy, viscous acts, manipulation?
  • Can figure out why you’re overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions especially when everything seem alright?
  • Is being surrounded by negative, toxic people effecting your well-being?
  • Need help dealing with an energy vampire / psychic vampire?
  • Are you experiencing stiffness, swelling and/or pain in the same area?
  • Have an unhealthy attachment to someone? Can’t seem to break free from their toxic energy?

If you resonate with many of these statements, or scored high on my Negative Vibe Meter (NVM) Quiz , then I recommend booking a Session.

My Energy Protection Sessions use a blend of Shamanic Healing practices

That work on sorcery (bad medicine), negative energy and unhealthy attachments by …

  • Altering your frequency and energy vibration: Break the pattern of “like-attracts-like,” avoiding conflict with negative people and situations. Instead, aim to develop energetic immunity – being “sorcery immune” – against negative energy and attacks.
  • Cord Cutting & Earth Cording: It involves energetically cutting cords from toxic individuals or situations. This healing technique helps you detach from draining or unhealthy emotional ties, releasing you from relationship patterns that deplete your emotional and mental well-being.
  • Extractions of Intrusive Entity Energy: An intrusive entity infiltrates the central nervous system. Through this restorative ritual, the external energy will be extracted from your energetic field (aura) and energy centers (chakras), potentially involving the release of a Spirit Attachment.
  • Eliminating the influence of an energy vampire, narcissist, or toxic individual(s): This healing process involves identifying, halting, and addressing any and all negative energies at their root to promote healing.
  • Crystallized Energy Removal: If intrusive entity energy lingers in your system for too long, it can solidify into crystallized energy, leading to body stagnation, swelling, and pain. This process eliminates the solid energy to enhance the area’s flow of energy.
  • Curse Removal: Eliminates negative energy and harmful intentions directed towards you malicious individuals. If this energy lingers in your energy field, it can materialize in your life, like bad-luck, illness, crystallized energy.

I often complete the session with some energy healing to balance you Total Energy System (Chakra and Aura), and a three-layered shielding protection will be given to fortify your Auric Field.

I love those healing nights. They are always a nice surprise and very helpful. I have a lot of nightmares but since seeing Jennifer and participating in those healing meditations, I can affirm that they are reduced by at least 80 percent. Thank you Jennifer
Gisele A. Ottawa, Ontario
So relieved to know toxic cords have been cut. I will remain positive and in my power. Thank you Jennifer. God bless.
A.E., Ontario, Canada
When I met Jennifer, I had so much things on going. My journey with her has been fantastic especially as she helped me on processing with negative energies related to stress and relieved me a lot about so many things. If I check my life from the day one I contacted her and now, it is like the night and the day. She definitely helped me to be in a better spot thanks to her shamanic knowledge. Thank you.
C.G., Government Worker – Ontario, Canada

Do you believe you need an much deeper approach to address and heal your issue(s)? I suggest checking our my Advanced Soul Retrieval Sessions.

Looking for self solutions on how to deal with people draining you? I recommend this book Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power

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