Jennifer and the roots

My Role as a Shaman

Energy Medicine & Spiritual Healer

I hold this role with great honor and gratitude, I feel super blessed to do this work.

The role of a shaman is one that encompasses both the spiritual and the practical. Shamans are seen as mediators between the physical and spiritual worlds, using their deep connection to nature and the unseen realms to bring healing, guidance, and wisdom to their communities.

We serve as healers, using rituals, ceremonies, and energy medicine work to address physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.

We hold space as spiritual guides, helping individuals navigate life’s challenges and connect with their higher selves.

We are the bridge between the mundane and the mystical.

My Personal Role

It’s to help you to take all of that pain and hurt and transform these poisons into Medicines.

Using the shamanic healing practices and methods I have learned through my trainings from my teacher and mentor Pete Bernard, founder of the the 8th Fire School that helped me personally transform my wounds, overcome my fears, self-sabotage, negative patterns and beliefs that I am worthy of living this life, that I am safe to be seen and be me, to end the cycle of the same situations reaping them selves.

Unlearning who you have become does take work, and that is what I am here to you help with. To show you how a Shamanic healing path addresses the non-physical causes of things to heal issues that are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual in nature. This is Spiritual Alchemy.

I am a safe container. I meet you without judgement no matter where you are on your healing journey. I hold space for you so you can create the shifts you need to finally get unstuck. Together we’ll work with Spirit to find the solutions to resolve your issues.

I can help you unearth…

What has been buried deep in your subconscious to FIND the ANSWERS to why your are still stuck. I will show you how to hunt and gather the parts of you that have been hidden.


Through Journeying, Active Imagination, Power & Soul Retrieval methods, Past Life Work, Subtle Energy Therapies (Shamanic Reiki, Aura Clearing & Chakras Balancing, and optimizing the enrgy bodies vibrations, to change the signals Harmful Energetic Extractions), and Mind-Body practices I have studied and trained in.

I deeply resonate and often work with introverts and highly sensitive people.

I understand first hand what it takes for people like us to FACE our FEARS – it requires courage and belief.

This journey will lead you to new places, including those dark and unpleasant ones you tend to avoid. Only by confronting these places can true healing begin.

Are you seeking a shamanic, holistic, spiritual, or magical approach to address your mental and emotional struggles?

Have you longed to work with someone who will treat you as a Whole Being not just a symptom, diagnosis or illness. Someone who is a safe container, you can trust to be an integrative part in your healing journey. Remember you don’t have to do it alone.

This is where I come in. I am here to support you in the necessary steps to transform your life. It will require your willingness, effort, and dedication, but it will be worthwhile because you are worth it!

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