Past Life Healing Journey Program

Do you believe that past lives are real and can influence your present lives?

A Past Life Journey is a spiritual voyage into your former lives, guided by a shaman or shamanic practitioner, like myself, skilled in helping clients traverse their inner spiritual realm. This process allows you to uncover past experiences, traumas or wounds that may be influencing your current life in subtle, yet profound ways.

Doing a Past Life Healing Journey is a profound tool for understanding and healing, offering a unique lens through which you can inspect, understand, and ultimately heal past traumas or experiences that may be shaping your present.

It’s akin to peeling back the layers of the soul, revealing the core patterns that define your journey, and providing a clearer path towards spiritual growth and self-discovery. When you can recognize and acknowledge these patterns, you can empower yourself to make different choices, freeing yourself from the emotional weight of your past experiences.

This is Quantum Healing

A significant distinction between my Past Life Journey Work and Past Life Regression Therapy is that you don’t just uncover your past self and stop there. The focus is on healing the unresolved wounds that were carried forward and manifested in this lifetime or any future ones.

The advantages of incorporating this extra healing element are numerous, as it fosters profound emotional healing by tackling unresolved issues and breaking away from recurring patterns.

The energy of healing flows through the essence of existence, knows no limits, transcending the boundaries of time and space. This work weaves its way through the fabric of reality. It nurtures the soul and eases the burdens in this lifetime time. The healing touch of the universe works its magic, bringing restoration and renewal to all who are open to its transformative power.

What is a Past Life Journey?

A Past Life Shamanic Journey is a spiritual practice that involves tapping into your past lives through shamanic techniques such as meditation, visualization, and conscious-intention work.

During a journey, you will explore lifetime your Soul lived in the past, gaining insights into your soul’s journey and understanding how past experiences may be influencing your present life.

The benefits of a Past Life Shamanic Journey can be profound. By connecting with a past life, you can gain a deeper understanding of your current challenges, fears, and patterns. This can lead to healing and transformation as you release old wounds and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Past Life Shamanic Journeys can also help you discover hidden talents, strengths, and soul connections that can empower you in your present life.

Overall, a Past Life Shamanic Journey can be a powerful tool for personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution. It can offer you a new perspective on your life’s purpose, relationships, and experiences, helping you to navigate your path with more clarity, wisdom, and compassion. If you are curious about exploring your past lives and connecting with your soul’s journey, a Past Life Shamanic Journey may be a transformative and enlightening experience for you.

Past Life Journey Session (2.5 hour) : $250

Going through a Past Life Journey can bring up things to the surface so I always recommend booking an integration session 1 week after the initial session.

What is the process of my Past Life Healing Journey Program?

If you’ve tried many avenues but still haven’t found reliefs from your struggles, we will find the answers in the Karma (unresolved wounds) that were brought forward from a specific Past Life in to your present one.

The session begins with setting an intention before we go into the Journey. We will discuss what life you want to connect with in order to seek clarity, understanding, find resolution and healing for the issues you are struggling with now.

Most common themes to focus on are: the life where you struggled the most with purpose (never lived up to your potential), prosperity (money/wealth), health (illness/injury), relationships (intimate, friendship/family), or self-worth (denied or persecuted for who we were)

Once your intention is set, I will:

  • explain the steps of the journey.
  • invite you to lie down on my massage table.
  • guide you into a meditative trance, a deep relaxed state, where you will open up to the power of self-exploration and discovery.
  • take you on the journey.

During the journey work:

  • your journey body will travel via your mind’s eye to your Upper World Realm, where you will meet and work with your Higher Self who will show you the life time that will explain your present day struggles.
  • you may have a visual and emotional experience, receive messages, and understanding that will provide guidance and insight.
  • Note: this is NOT a Past Life Regression, you will not relive anything, or be unconscious, or unaware of what you are saying or experiencing.
  • you will have a personal experience unique to you.

At the end of your Past Life Healing journey you will:

  • be guided back to the present by becoming aware of yourself in the space, returning your awareness of your physical body laying on the table.
  • have time to relax while I offer a rainbow ceremony (this is energy work to clear and cleanse your Chakras and Aura.
  • then open your eyes, come sitting up and will have an the opportunity to share your experience with me.

Integration Session is Key.

Afterward, over the next few weeks it is beneficial to take time for yourself in order to reflect and integrate what you have learned.

As powerful as these journeys can be, you may require some time for processing and integration. During this time, keep your intention in mind and be open to the wisdom that comes with it. With patience and an open heart, you can unlock powerful insights into yourself and how your past lives are influencing your present. In turn, these revelations can guide you towards a more enlightened path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Past Life Journey Work can bring up uncomfortable emotions, bring up unresolved wounds, which is why it’s important that we do some additional healing work.

A integration session is highly recommended after a Past Life. I offer recommend a 90 minute session. If more healing work is required, and you want to continue working together I would recommend purchasing my 3 session package to start.

Are YOU ready to unlock the secrets of your past incarnation by accessing the person you once were in a former life?

At its core, using this type of Shamanic Journey work you can gain

  • Knowledge into your own spiritual development and journey towards personal growth and transformation.
  • A deeper understanding of the powerful force that is karma and take steps to reshape your life for the better.
  • Insight into your reoccurring patterns, actions, re-actions, limiting beliefs in a new way – free from the weight of your past wounds and empowered with the healed outcome – resolving your past – you can create a better future.

Embrace this journey with an open heart and a curious mind, for within these moments of introspection and growth lie the keys to unlocking your truest potential and living a life that is truly aligned with your highest self.

Interested in booking but you have some questions?

Let’s chat about your needs, goals and to find out if this work is right for you. Text or email me to schedule a Discover Call.

Healing Karma through Past Life Healing Journey

This deeper understanding, wisdom and clarity can profoundly affect your current life, offering insights that help you to overcome challenges, make more informed decisions, and move forward on your spiritual path with greater confidence.

This spiritual practice is not just about exploring the past, but also about using the wisdom gained to positively impact our present and future.

It helps us to understand the concept of karma

The spiritual principle that your past actions affect your current situation and your present actions will influence our future.

Through your journey, you will become more aware of the karmic pattern that was brought forward into this life, enabling you to make changes that can free you from past karma and create a more positive future.

By recognizing karma, you can learn from your past and make changes that will positively benefit not only yourself, but also the people around us. By tapping into the energy of your former lives, you can gain an understanding of why certain circumstances or events have come to pass.

The Past Life Shamanic Journey is a powerful tool

You can also use this knowledge to manifest positive change in your life through mindful decision-making and intentional actions.  Do a Past Life Shamanic Journey can help you gain insight into your current life, break free from old patterns, and create a new future.

Are you ready to unlock the wisdom of your ancient soul and experience its healing power today?

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