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I CAN HELP YOU … Let go of the past • Change your perspective • Explore your purpose • Believe in yourself.

Shamanic Healing – Sacred Shadow Work can help you

address and resolve subconscious deep rooted fears, dis-empowering emotions, self-sabotaging patterns and self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate

Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist.

Welcome, Spiritual Seeker to my site !

Are you on a path of self-discovery? I am so glad you are here.

Have a look around to discover what I do, and how my shamanic healing work can benefit you on your healing journey.

GET UNSTUCK with Shamanic healing to have a deeper and fulfilling life

Do you have issues that are casting a large dark shadow over you, and your life? I believe our struggles come from ignoring and suppressing our shadow parts, and as a result they lay quietly in the dark pulling all the strings. Secretly controlling your life, and over time, they keep you stuck and holding you back from the things you desire.

Signs your Shadow is in control, and how Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work can help

You probably know you’ve been struggling in few areas of your life and have tried to change things … BUT have you come to a point where you haven’t figured out why…

  • You can’t seem to stop the consuming (looping, racing, spiraling) in other words your thoughts often dwell on the past, and imagine the future will turn out bad.
  • You keep sabotaging the things you want but you can’t put your finger on why you do it.
  • There’s somethings holding you back from your dreams, plans and ideas what’s more you often find yourself acting invisible and small. You often believe you’re not good, skilled, qualified enough.
  • You’ve tried many times to get unstuck, on one hand you do take that step forward all of a sudden you’re finding yourself jumping three steps back to your safe place – even if it’s harmful and toxic.

You want meaningful relationships but you avoid

  •  People, because you don’t want to be judged, to fully open up, or trust.
  • Believe you’ll be stabbed in the back again
  • Social situations because you, feel awkward, struggle with small talk, afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, anxious feelings of being with many people is overwhelming.
  • You often believe people will only gossip and bad mouth you eventually so it’s better to be alone.
  • Being rejected, betrayed, and abandoned by pleasing others, never saying “NO”, lack healthy boundaries and self worth. You often feel guilty putting yourself first.

You’re so overwhelmed by all this

  •  That exploring your purpose has been near impossible.
  • It’s easier to pretend your don’t have a destiny.
  • Living life on autopilot, fulfilling the void with external things has been the only thing you know.

My role as a SHAMAN, a Healer, is not to fix or do the work for you

It’s my job to clear the things, offer guidance, teach you to how to access your inner world, and help you figure out why are stuck. From here you can take the necessary next steps to change, and better your life.

I simply meet you where you are on your path, hold space for you and use some shamanic tools, skills and practices to create that shift you need so you can finally get unstuck.

Through Guided Meditations and Visualizations (Journeying), Soul Retrieval, Subtle Energy Therapies (Shamanic Reiki, Aura Clearing & Chakras Balancing, and Harmful Energetic Extractions), and Mind-Body practices.

YOU will unearth what has been buried deep in your subconscious to FIND the ANSWERS to why your are still stuck. I will show you how to hunt and gather the parts of you that have been hidden.

In this sacred space you will DISCOVER the PATH to YOUR OWN HEALING.

Supporting you through the process, you will call back your power, retrieve lost Soul parts, transform deep rooted fears, negative emotions, self-sabotaging patterns and self-limiting beliefs to create you desired healed outcome.

Time to bring things out into the open

It’s then can you only interact with your shadow parts. I’ll show you how to be comfortable getting unstuck from them, seeing them, accepting them, learning from them, gaining wisdom and power from them. No matter where you are on your path, it would be an honor to hold sacred space for you, and to be a trusted ally on your healing journey.

Are you thinking …

  • Why do I feel this way, am I broken, I should be stronger, more resilient, I must be weak if I can’t fix myself?
  • Why do bad things keep happening to me, have I been cursed, is someone energetically attacked me?
  • Why do people hurt, gossip about, and unfriend me?
  • Why do I stay small, I have so much to offer?
  • Why am I holding myself back? I need to find my purpose.
  • Why do I prevent myself from growing, achieving my goals, fulfilling my dreams, taking risks or seeing new opportunities?
  • Why do I feel empty, and alone?

I know first hand what this is like.

I have spend years working through my trauma, and have come to a place where I would be honored to show you a way to reclaim your power, stop procrastinating, deal with negative self-talk, build self-worth and acceptance, re-kindle your Spiritual Connection, to trust your intuition and confidence.

Shining a Light in your Dark subconscious spaces

YOU will gain potent insight of what really drives the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that holds you back, keep you stuck, prevents you from moving forward. When you know and understand your deep rooted “why, when, and how” great changes and healing can be happen.

Have you heard yourself start sentences with?

  • I am not worthy of ….
  • I could never …
  • I don’t have enough …
  • I should never …
  • I’m too …
  • No one will want …
  • It’s too late to …

Are you ready to transe-form your limiting beliefs

Ready to start your journey? Yes, I acknowledge and see you. Ready to walk the Path of the Warrior Spirit? You don’t have to be fearless to start, but fearless you will become.

Curious about Shamanic Healing and have some questions?

Let’s chat about diving deeper together!

Hi, I’m Jennifer Mališauskas,

I’m an Ottawa Shaman, Celtic Seer, Shamanic Healing & Shadow Work Guide, Spirit Wellness Coach, Energy Healer, Medium, Psychic/Intuitive Empath

I deeply resonate with being an introvert, and highly sensitive person.

I understand first hand what it takes to FACE your FEARS – it takes courage. It’s a journey that will take you to new places, and yes to even those dark ugly places you often avoid. It’s only when you can face those place that you can really heal.

Are YOU looking for a shamanic healing, holistic, spiritual, magickal approach to healing your physical, mental and emotional issues?

Have you longed to work with someone who will treat you as a Whole Being not just a symptom, diagnosis or illness. Someone who you can trust to be an integrative part in your healing journey. Remember you don’t have to do it alone.

This is where I come in. I am here to support you through the steps it will take to change your life. It will take YOUR willingness, work and commitment but it will worth it, because you are worth it!

Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work

It’s time to break free!

I totally get why you may find it hard to accept the idea you have a hidden agenda controlling a lot of what you do.

Who the hell would!

You’ve probably hoped for a long time that this so called puppet master doesn’t exist within you, how could they. You’re a nice person. You work on being happy. You do what is right. You’re worth love, attention, and success.

Maybe that’s why began to believe it must be someone else’s fault that bad things keep happening. You think you’re the victim.

But is it happening?

This is happening because you keep pretending your shadow parts don’t exist. When they are left in the dark (under the surface) over time they begin to cast a long shadow over everything. When not address, accepted, they begin to run the show, and rule your life.

But you’re not you defense mechanisms!

So yes it’s true, your Shadow parts can have a great hold on your life. It’s not the shadow it self that’s causing the issues. It’s because when left neglected, and ignored they will desire attention and will seep through into our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Hiding from the fear of being hurt again, pretending you’re not angry, sad, jealous, grieving etc you let your unconscious sabotaging defense mechanism (puppet master) control things. You believe the lies you tell yourself that you’re OK all because you want to pretend these things don’t exist, because you label them as “dark/bad/negative” but this doesn’t have to be true.

Are you there yet?

At that point where you can no long ignore what’s been going on because the consequences will become worse for you. Maybe you’re already there. If yes, I’m glad you found my site. Let me show you how Shamanic Healing can help.

What my clients are saying about working with me

Thank you for opening a portal into what has been one of the most profound, sacred spiritual journeys that I’ve ever embarked on. I guess the day I saw you aligned really well with the cosmic frequency. So many connections came to fruition. There is just so much, but I am receiving signs all day. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance. Thank you again; words do not express enough of my gratitude. Light and Love

Michela Ottawa
Jennifer will remain an essential part of my journey toward healing and self-growth. Jennifer’s healing sessions have helped me broaden my awareness in numerous ways. I have not only gained more clarity about the abuse I have suffered as a child and teenager but also how I can move forward in my life in a positive way. With the help of her healing sessions, I gained the motivation to move out of my hometown and distance myself from toxic family dynamics. I decided to go back to school to pursue a career that truly feeds my soul. Overall, I was able to move on to a much more positive chapter in my life.

I love those healing nights. They are always a nice surprise and very helpful. I have a lot of nightmares but since seeing Jennifer and participating in those healing meditations, I can affirm that they are reduced by at least 80 percent. Thank you Jennifer

Gisele A.

Jennifer is a gifted and talented guide. Through working with her I was able to go much deeper than I ever have been able to on my own. I always felt safe and supported although shadow work is never easy. I would not hesitate to recommend her and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Jody .C.

Jennifer is perfect! She is really helpful and knows what is the best for you. The session was an amazing experience. Thank you.


I have experienced healing ceremonies facilitated by Jennifer by distance. She is highly intuitive and can find what needs healing without me telling her. If you have physical or emotional pain and want to heal its source, I highly recommend a session with Jennifer.

Tania Frechette in a yoga pose
Tania FrechetteTania Frechette Creative Ottawa Graphic Web

My experience with Jennifer was enlightening and empowering. She touched core issues that helped me understand certain problems I faced in my life. I was very happy with my overall experience and plan to take more sessions with her.


Great session, personable and friendly and well informed.


I recently had a healing session with Jennifer Malisauskas, and it was absolutely amazing. I was looking to move forward from a traumatic event from 20+ years ago, and when I learned more about her work, I knew it was the modality for me. Great experience!

Tracy Jenks Wilson Certified Sex Coach
Tracy Jenks WilsonCertified Sex Coach * Talk-only

Amazing experience.


With all my heart I recommend taking an inner journey with Jennifer. She is a genuine powerhouse with solid, trustworthy knowledge.  Her skill set is strong and she has a wide variety of techniques packed in her healing tool kit. If you are new to energy healing, you can trust you will be safely guided through inner realms and back by Jennifer. If you are a seasoned healer at a crossroads or needing a little nudge, you will respect her knowledge, ethics and kindness in accommodating your beliefs and experience on the adventure. And, of course, most importantly….you’ll get the results you have been searching for and the answers you have been seeking.


Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work addresses the non-physical causes of things to heal issues that are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual in nature.

Are you someone who

  • Let’s fears and doubts stop you from doing things;
  • Gets easily overwhelmed by their emotions and thoughts;
  • Is fearful of and worries about the future;
  • Is sleepwalking through their day, often living in you head;
  • Is often a target of bullying, envy, jealousy, and gossip;

Finds it hard to

  • Be relaxed in social situations;
  • Be present or focused in the now;
  • Connect with and trust people;
  • Be OK with making mistakes;
  • Stop ruminating and overthinking;
  • Believe in their low self worth, and confidence;

I invite you try my Shamanic Healing Spiritual approach.

If you are ready to address the issues that keep you trapped in the past and fearful of the future, I am here to show you how!

Have you fantasized, dreamed, imagined what would YOUR LIFE be like if YOU…

  • Were able to confront and overcome your fears.
  • Felt good no matter what is going on around you.
  • Your emotions stopped spiraling out of control.
  • Your were capable of handling life stressors.
  • Learned to stop your racing thoughts and calmed your anxiety.
  • Developed a mindfulness approach by focusing on the present moment.
  • Felt more confident and in control of your emotional state.
  • Changed your self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Reclaimed your power and took your life back.
  • Attracted more supportive, like-minded people into your life.
  • Learned to Dream your Destiny into being.

Is your Soul calling you to explore a more Spiritual Path to heal your mental, and emotional issues?

I would love to work with you on your journey towards change and healing,

Here are some of my Featured Shamanic Shadow Work Sessions

If you need more support, or if you are ready to dive deeper into your healing, I’d love to support you. Here’s how I might be able to do that:

Soul Retrieval Work Sessions

Want to understand your unresolved wounds that are keeping you stuck? Can’t let go of the past, still feel fragmented? and are you tired of acting and feeling the way you do?

In-depth Protection Work Sessions

2 Hour Session to remove, stop and shield harmful energies resulting from psychic attacks, energy vampires, curses. Includes cord cutting and Entity extractions.

Connect with your Spirit Guides Sessions

Building a Spirit Team is an important part of Shadow Work. Your Guides are a wonderful resource you can rely on to offer guidance, advice and support you on your healing path.

Subtle Energy Work Sessions

Combining hands on energy work to clear your subtle energy system to release stress build up, clearing blockages and bringing your body-mind-spirit back into balance
Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work

Time to see your Shadow parts as your  source of inner power.

I totally understand why you’re where you are, that’s because I’ve been there too.

You shouldn’t blame yourself, it’s not 100% your fault.

I believe were often discouraged to acknowledge our shadow parts. We’ve been taught to label them as bad, negative and told to take a positive approach.

You can’t just manifest that shit away! LOL

Have you’ve been encouraged, or pushed even, to be joyful, optimistic, happy and positive all the time?  When you share how you feel do you often get the following advice  … “Cheer up!”,  “Get over it” , “Move on”, “It’s all going to be okay”, “Everything is going to work out” “Be grateful for what you have, look on the bright side, it could be worse.”

When hearing these phrases something doesn’t feel right, or when you try to follow this advice it actually makes things worse? It’s because this is toxic positivity behaviour. Look it up

Stop feeling guilty

My passion is helping people learn it’s OK to feel sad, angry, to be disappointed, jealous, needy, or any of those emotions or thoughts we label as negative or ugly.

I believe it’s important to face, interact, embrace, embody our shadowy deep subconscious stuff. When you do you’ll realize how amazing it is to not pretend that everything’s OK when it isn’t. Realize how harmful it is putting a positive spin on everything.

Your power comes when you

  • Honestly accept where you are at this moment.
  • Bring everything out in the open, no more pretending and hating who you are
  • Really see what’s happening within and around you

When you get here YOU have the power to do something about things.

Ready to CALL YOUR POWER BACK, find your LOST SOUL PARTS with Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work

Explore your issues in a different way.

Let me show you how my Shamanic Healing practices will help you deal with your stuff with openness and compassion.

Rather than thinking you need to get rid of unwanted feelings, emotions and thoughts you will discover a new perspective.

Do you desire change? It’s time to embrace things honestly, once you do, you’ll have a greater understanding of why you do what you do, why things keep happening, and why you believe what you believe.

You’re not your traumas, pain and hurt.

You are all your experiences, the good, bad and the ugly, they’re all your medicines, your strengths, gifts, and talents that make you who you are.

When you address the parts of yourself that you hide or bury (deliberately or unintentionally) and bring them out of the darkness you will feel liberated, stronger and in power to face and handle the reality of life.

OK, I’m ready to give Shamanic Healing a try!

Still not sure where to start?

Want to learn how Shamanic Healing can help you? Let’s chat about diving deeper together!

Shamanic Healing Moon Healing Nights

Monthly Events

Monthly Shamanic Healing Circles

Join us monthly (Wednesdays) for a deep Shamanic Healing journey, Guided Visualization, Inner Refection, Journeying, Energy Clearing and Spirit Helpers Guidance.

All Welcome! No experience necessary. Space is limited, so register early.


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Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work

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