Feeling Stuck? Shamanic Healing & Energy Medicine

Heal from the past, Change your perspective, Believe in your worth, Find your purpose.

I’m passionate about helping people overcome what’s keeping them stuck.

We are often stuck because we haven’t truthfully addressed our seed wounds – those deep painful experiences around Rejection, Abandonment, Humiliation, Betrayal, and Injustice.

What grew out of these seed wounds are our fears, dis-empowering emotions, self-sabotaging patterns and limited core beliefs – A Shadow Self.

Want to get to the root of your Soul Wounds?

  • Self-judgment
  • Thinking you are failing your purpose
  • Avoidance of being seen
  • Seeing yourself as a victim, broken, or shameful
  • Loneliness
  • Not trusting others
  • A fear of outgrowing and outshining others.

Here are a few ways we can work together

My unique shamanism, Sacred Shadow Work, Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine approach works on the non-physical causes of things and resolves them using Spirit, Energy, and Consciousness.

If you need support recovering from a unhealthy relationship, mean or toxic people, tired of your wounds getting the better part of you. I invite you, if  you are ready, to dive deeper into the healing work. I’d love to support you.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Looking to explore a Shamanic approach as a way to understand why things keep happening, why you’re unable to let go of the past, and stop pleasing and giving your power over to others?

Themed Pathwork Packages

It is time to go deeper? Here are my multi-session pathways that provide a blend of methods to heal your wounded core themes and patterns. Are you looking for New Beginnings, Power & Protection, Spiritual Guidance or Rebirth

Soul Retrieval Pathwork Program

Over the course of the 7 sessions you will be guided through a specific shamanic journey called THE GATHERING that’s designed to get to the heart of a specific limiting core belief and pattern.

Shaman Jen Mališauskas (Dancing Crow),

I’m an Ottawa Shaman – Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healer, Celtic Seer, Sacred Shadow Work Guide, Holistic Spirit Wellness Coach, and Intuitive Empath.

In my teens I was backstabbed, made fun of, gossiped about and ostracized by girls I thought were my friends. After these early experiences of rejection, betrayal and abandonment I struggled with loneliness, shame, social anxiety, low self-esteem, and trusting others as a result cultivating and creating new friendships, trusting myself, and living up to my potential became difficult.

If it wasn’t for my deep spiritual connection, an imaginative and curious mind, and a love for fantasy books and sci-fi shows, I don’t know where I would have ended up.

I have been on a spiritual journey for the past 30+ years seeking answers to the “whys”, and to find “Ways” to heal my Soul wounds. I am grateful for all my spiritual experiences, the courage to face my shadow parts and the teachers who’s courses, workshops and trainings helped me to find myself again.

So, I’ve dedicated my practice to providing support to others who have suffered like me, and desire change. Those who are ready to heal the past, willing and committed to do the work.

Let me show you that it is possible to be worthy of love, friendship, respect and happiness. I’ve begun to love myself unconditionally, to utilize my Soul’s full potential, and I believe you can too!

Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate

Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist.

My Philosophy – What I beleive

You’re probably landed on my site because you’ve been struggling with being stuck, and are looking for a new or different solution or approach.

Throughout life we encounter many types of relationships, and I imagine it was during one of these relationships that you got hurt.

I believe it’s THIS HURT that became a subconscious “Shadow Self”

I believe it’s our “Shadow” that is the source for most of our core issues and problems.

That’s because it’s our shadow self – an unconscious aspect – that is controlling and triggers most of our re-actions, feelings, sabotaging patterns, and limited self beliefs.

No matter how much talk therapy you do I believe it will ONLY take you so far. That’s because they don’t work on the non-physical causes of things. They ignore the Spiritual aspect when addressing or exploring the shadow side that’s running the show.

And I believe This is WHY you stay STUCK.

What’s my role as a shaman, Spiritual Healer and Energy Medicine practitioner?

It’s to help you to take all of that pain and hurt apply shamanic methods to transform these poisons into Medicines.

Unlearning who you have become takes work, and that is what I am here to you help with. To show you how a Shamanic healing path addresses the non-physical causes of things to heal issues that are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual in nature. This is Spiritual Alchemy.

I am a safe container. I meet you without judgement no matter where you are on your healing journey. I hold space for you so you can create the shifts you need to finally get unstuck. Together we’ll work with Spirit to find the solutions to resolve your issues.

Through Shamanic Journeying, Power & Soul Retrieval methods, Past Life Work, Subtle Energy Therapies (Shamanic Reiki, Aura Clearing & Chakras Balancing, and Harmful Energetic Extractions), and Mind-Body practices afd more.

YOU will unearth what has been buried deep in your subconscious to FIND the ANSWERS to why your are still stuck. I will show you how to hunt and gather the parts of you that have been hidden.

Interested in booking a session but you have some questions?

Let’s chat about diving deeper together!

I deeply resonate and often work with introverts and highly sensitive people.

I understand first hand what it takes people like us to FACE our FEARS – it takes courage. It’s a journey that will take you to new places, and yes to even those dark ugly places you often avoid. It’s only when you can face those place that you can really heal.

Are YOU looking for a shamanic healing, holistic, spiritual, magickal approach to healing your mental and emotional issues?

Have you longed to work with someone who will treat you as a Whole Being not just a symptom, diagnosis or illness. Someone who is a safe container, you can trust to be an integrative part in your healing journey. Remember you don’t have to do it alone.

This is where I come in. I am here to support you through the steps it will take to change your life. It will take YOUR willingness, work and commitment but it will worth it, because you are worth it!

Working with Jennifer changed my life. It opened the doors to deep inner healing that occurred faster in two beginner sessions than months of coaching work or other work combined for years. It got me to the root of my limiting beliefs with regards to relationships and cultivate a healthier relationship with myself, thus improving those in my life. I am so grateful for her guidance and working together.

A.S.A.S. Physician - Alberta Canada

Thank you for opening a portal into what has been one of the most profound, sacred spiritual journeys that I’ve ever embarked on. I guess the day I saw you aligned really well with the cosmic frequency. So many connections came to fruition. There is just so much, but I am receiving signs all day. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance. Thank you again; words do not express enough of my gratitude. Light and Love

M.T.Therapist - Ontario, Canada

Working with Jennifer has been a unique experience for me. Her friendly and welcoming attitude and gentle guidance allowed me to explore safely my inner world and uncover the information that I need to grow.  Jennifer is always respectfully holding space for me while helping me make sense of my experience.  Working with her was a great support to help me befriend my inner shadow world and learn to work with it. She is dedicated and will take the time needed to help. My whole experience with her has been positive.

M.L.Registered Nurse - Ontario, Canada

With all my heart I recommend taking an inner journey with Jennifer. She is a genuine powerhouse with solid, trustworthy knowledge.  Her skill set is strong and she has a wide variety of techniques packed in her healing tool kit. If you are new to energy healing, you can trust you will be safely guided through inner realms and back by Jennifer. If you are a seasoned healer at a crossroads or needing a little nudge, you will respect her knowledge, ethics and kindness in accommodating your beliefs and experience on the adventure. And, of course, most importantly….you’ll get the results you have been searching for and the answers you have been seeking.

J.M.Retired Admissions Officer - Ontario, Canada

Still not sure where to start?

Want to learn how Shamanic Healing can help you? Let’s chat about diving deeper together!

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