My Philosophy

I believe it’s our “Shadow Self” that causes our issues. That’s because it’s what’s controlling things and really running the show, NOT you.

You’re probably landed on my site because you’ve been struggling, looking for a solution. Maybe you’ve tried a number of healing methods or even talk therapy … BUT you still haven’t resolved or figured out “WHY”…

  • You can’t seem to stop ruminating, in other words your thoughts often dwell on the past, and imagine the future will turn out the same.
  • You keep sabotaging the things you want but you can’t put your finger on why you do it.
  • There’s somethings holding you back from your dreams, plans and ideas
  • You find yourself acting invisible and small, believing you’re not good, worthy, lovable, skilled, qualified enough.
  • You’ve tried many times to get unstuck. You have taken a step forward but then all of a sudden you find yourself jumping three steps back. Back to your safe place – even if you know it’s harmful and toxic.

Throughout life we encounter many types of relationships, and I imagine it was during one of these relationships that you got hurt.

It’s THIS hurt that became your subconscious “Shadow”

Consciously you know you want meaningful relationships but there’s a side of you that gets in the way. Your shadow side avoids …

  • People, because you don’t want to be judged, to fully open up, or trust, believes you’ll be stabbed in the back again
  • Social situations because you, feel awkward, struggle with small talk, afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, anxious feelings of being with many people is overwhelming.
  • Being rejected, betrayed, and abandoned by pleasing others, never saying “NO”, lack healthy boundaries and self worth. You often feel guilty putting yourself first.

You’re Shadow keeps you overwhelmed to protect you that’s why …

  • Exploring and living out your purpose has been near impossible.
  • You’ve floated through life, because it’s safer to secretly do nothing.
  • It’s easier to pretend your don’t have a destiny.
  • You’re better off alone, and stay small.
  • Living life on autopilot, life keeps passing you by,
  • It’s safer to stay distracted, filling the void with unhealthy habits and patterns.
Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work

It’s time to break free!

I totally get why you may find it hard to accept the idea you have a hidden agenda (Shadow Self) controlling a lot of what you do.

Who the hell would!

You’ve probably hoped for a long time that this so called puppet master doesn’t exist within you, how could they. You’re a nice person. You work on being happy. You do what is right. You’re worth love, attention, and success.

Maybe that’s why began to believe it must be someone else’s fault that bad things keep happening. You think you’re the victim.

But why is it happening?

This is happening because you keep pretending your shadow parts don’t exist. When they are left in the dark (under the surface) over time they begin to cast a long shadow over everything. When not address, accepted, they begin to run the show, and rule your life.

But you’re not you defense mechanisms!

So yes it’s true, your Shadow parts can have a great hold on your life. It’s not the shadow it self that’s causing the issues. It’s because when left neglected, and ignored they will desire attention and will seep through into our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Hiding from the fear of being hurt again, pretending you’re not angry, a people-pleaser, letting others walk all over you, or feel sad, jealous, shame, guilt, etc. If you deny these things you’re letting your unconscious sabotaging defense mechanism (puppet master) be in control of your actions and reactions. You believe the lies you tell yourself that you’re OK. You you don’t face your shadow parts either because it hurts too much to remember, it’s easier to pretend these things about yourself don’t exist, you were told being this way was “bad/negative” but this doesn’t have to be true.

Are you there yet?

At that point where you can no long ignore what’s been going on because the consequences will become worse for you. Maybe you’re already there. If yes, I’m glad you found my site. Let me show you how Shamanic Healing can help.

Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work

Your Shadow parts can be a source of power.

I totally understand why you’re where you are, that’s because I’ve been there too.

You shouldn’t blame yourself, it’s not 100% your fault.

I believe were often discouraged to acknowledge our shadow self. We’ve been taught to label them as bad, negative and told to take a positive approach.

You can’t just manifest that shit away! LOL

Have you’ve been encouraged, or pushed even, to be joyful, optimistic, happy and positive all the time?  When you share how you feel do you often get the following advice  … “Cheer up!”,  “Get over it” , “Move on”, “It’s all going to be okay”, “Everything is going to work out” “Be grateful for what you have, look on the bright side, it could be worse.”

When hearing these phrases something doesn’t feel right, or when you try to follow this advice it actually makes things worse? It’s because this is toxic positivity behaviour. Look it up

Stop feeling guilty

My passion is helping people learn it’s OK to feel sad, angry, to be disappointed, jealous, needy, or any of those emotions or thoughts we label as negative or ugly.

I believe it’s important to face, interact, embrace, embody our shadowy deep subconscious stuff. When you do you’ll realize how amazing it is to not pretend that everything’s OK when it isn’t. Realize how harmful it is putting a positive spin on everything.

Your power comes when you

  • Honestly accept where you are at this moment.
  • Bring everything out in the open, no more pretending and hating who you are
  • Really see what’s happening within and around you

When you get here YOU have the power to do something about things.

Ready to CALL YOUR POWER BACK, find your LOST SOUL PARTS with Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing Sacred Shadow Work

Explore your issues in a different way.

Let me show you how my Shamanic Healing practices will help you deal with your stuff with openness and compassion.

Rather than thinking you need to get rid of unwanted feelings, emotions and thoughts you will discover a new perspective.

Do you desire change? It’s time to embrace things honestly, once you do, you’ll have a greater understanding of why you do what you do, why things keep happening, and why you believe what you believe.

You’re not your traumas, pain and hurt.

You are all your experiences, the good, bad and the ugly, they’re all your medicines, your strengths, gifts, and talents that make you who you are.

When you address the parts of yourself that you hide or bury (deliberately or unintentionally) and bring them out of the darkness you will feel liberated, stronger and in power to face and handle the reality of life.

OK, I’m ready to give Shamanic Healing a try!

Want to give this appraoch a try?

Let’s have chat about diving deeper together Shamanic Healing can help you!

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