What is Shamanic Journeying?

The Journeying process takes us into our inner realms where the veil between your conscious and non-conscious minds thins and lifts.

Journeying is the exploration into what’s called non-ordinary reality – the three Shamanic worlds (Lower, Middle and Upper). It’s in this Spirit inner space that we can find the truth behind our core issues.

We access this reality by getting into a light trance state through deep breathing and relaxation techniques.

You will always be fully aware of the experience because it’s a light trance state you are not completely under deep hypnosis. The trance space is similar to daydreaming, imagining, self-hypnosis, creating a mental pictures in your mind’s-eye but you enter this state with awareness and intention.

You won’t relive your traumatic moments, because you’re traveling as an observer.

It’s this light trance state that quiets the analytical mind, so you can converse with your feeling mind, the subconscious. By relaxing your mind and body connection you can more easily access what’s stored in your inner realm where your Shadow parts reside – feelings, forgotten memories, painful experiences, unconscious limiting sabotaging patterns, beliefs, rules and values.

When you courageously converse with your Shadows parts, see them for what they are, it gives your the opportunity to see, hear, feel, understand, why you do what you do, why things keep happening the way they do.

Bringing them to the conscious mind you will take control of your life, actions and decisions. Once aware of the roots cause of things you will stop reacting, surviving, and living on autopilot. When you do this you can make the necessary changes to better your life.

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