Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine Sessions

Do you feel energetically, emotionally, physically, or spiritually drained?

This can happen when we

  • Take on other people’s energy – feelings, mood, mentality
  • Give away too much of ourselves, our own energy, to unworthy people, unfulfilling situations, pressures, and expectations.
  • Can’t say no, have poor boundaries.
  • Are very sensitive, and take on other’s emotions and moods.
  • Often attract draining toxic people, narcissists and energy vampires.
  • Need protection against intrusive negative energies.
  • Feel or believe they are cursed or have a long streak of bad luck
  • Are energetic attacked, bad mouthed, back-stabbed by co-workers, friends or family.

Pick my 90 minute Shamanic Healing Session at booking. I will specially curate your session to release the limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns, etc that have a hold on you. Gain back your energy, book today!

Working on your energy body’s vibration and frequencies can truly be transformative.

Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine is a combination of hands on and off body (physically or energetic) healing, as well as some non-physical quantum healing methods

Sessions can include a combo of the following

  • Cutting of toxic cord between two living persons
  • Entity Extractions: energetic removal of intrusive spirits, negative energy, and/or looping thought forms.
  • Grounding work
  • Clearing work to remove emotional and mental toxins and enhance energetic immunity to intrusive energies.
  • Various shielding and protection work to prevent further threats effects.
  • Calibrate and correct energetic weaknesses.
  • Clear and release your Soul contracts, affinities, energetic predisposition, non-conscious signals around rejection, abandonment, betrayal or loss of self-worth.
  • Awaken your divine talents, gifts and abilities with a 12 -Strand or Star Nations DNA Activation
  • Optimize your frequencies, vibration, Auric field
  • and more …

The Healing Outcome for these sessions is to use an energetic approach to

Address the root cause to why you to give too much, and resolve the negative, toxic, and harmful mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies and beliefs that are blocking you.

We will

  • Release the stress build up.
  • Balance your Chakras.
  • Release fears.
  • Clear up energetic and emotional blocks.
  • Bringing your body-mind-spirit into balance.
  • Release a fear of rejection, abandonment, betrayal or loss of self-worth.
  • Resolves self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Clear and drain the emotional and mental toxins.
  • and more
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