Shamanic Healing and Energy work & how it can help you

Shamanic Healing

Guided Shamanic Journey Work, Inner Conscious, Subconscious, Shadow Work and Spiritual Alchemy

Goal of shamanic work is to bring awareness to the conscious mind what’s buried deep in your subconscious and unconscious realms of your being.

We’ll use a combination of shamanic journey work and shadow work methods in our session to help you identify, understand and heal your unresolved wounds, defensive mechanisms and patterns.

Accessing this inner part of yourself using this method will enable you to gain more clarity of your issue, discover what’s really behind your blocks and fears, and offering you an opportunity to change them.

I will guide you through the process to interact with your inner realms – your lower, middle and upper worlds – to access your subconscious and higher conscious spaces where all the answers lie to trans-form your mental, emotional and physical wounds to help you create your Desirable State of Being.

Be it going on such journeys as a Soul’s Reflection, Power Retrieval, working with your Totem Power Animal, Ancestor Spirit, Higher and Lower Self, or transforming your Inner Sorcerer.

Shamanic Spirit Guidance

Shamanic healing works on the non-physical causes of things and resolves them using by using such Shamanic Journeying, Spiritual Alchemy, Energy Medicine, and Consciousness techniques.

As your guide, healer, shaman, my animal spirit team of Bear, Wolf, Owl and Beaver are a big part of the work.

I connect and call in their medicines, guidance and messages to assist in our healing session. Through their guidance we explore a medicine wheel approach to address and heal on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

What the Journey Work Session could look like

Journeying is when you enter an altered state of consciousness to travel to realities outside of normal perception (non-ordinary reality), also known as hidden spirit worlds and/or subconscious mind.

  • You will be the one traveling on your own behalf to interact with your inner Spirit world and/or subconscious mind.
  • To get you there, I will lead you through a number of body grounding, breathing and mindfulness techniques to bring you into a light trance, alpha waves – a state of wakeful relaxation.
  • This is not hypnosis, you will be totally aware of the experience.
  • In this trance state, what we call the gateway to the subconscious mind, I will verbally guide you on the set journey, cuing you and supporting you every step of the way.
  • This approach is very empowering because it will be you who unearths, sees, hears, feels the answers you seek.
  • You will directly experience the understanding of your wound, and fully integrate on all levels of your being the shifts, changes, and healing you do in this inner space.
  • During this you will be lying on my massage table, eyes closed, fully clothed, just listening to my voice and verbally sharing what you are experiencing and perceiving.
  • Once the journey work feel complete you will slowly return, open your eyes, and space will be available to share insights, and feedback.

Depending on your issue I may incorporate some Energy Healing, Medicine Work into your session

Working on your energy body’s vibration and frequencies can truly be transformative.

It can address the negative, toxic, and harmful mental, emotional, physical  and spiritual energies that are stuck in you.

This healing work will help clear your heaviness, provide your energy system with healing energy to help relax your nervous system and more.

Such as :

  • Release the stress build up.
  • Balance your Chakras.
  • Clear up energetic and emotional blocks.
  • Bringing your body-mind-spirit into balance.
  • Release a fear of rejection, abandonment, betrayal or loss of self-worth.
  • Resolves self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Clear and drain the emotional and mental toxins.

Energy healing, light work is a combination of hands on and off body (physically or energetic) healing to

  • Calibrate and correct energetic weaknesses.
  • Clear and release your Soul contracts, affinities, energetic predisposition, non-conscious signals around rejection, abandonment, betrayal or loss of self-worth.
  • Awaken your divine talents, gifts and abilities with a 12 -Strand or Star Nations DNA Activation
  • Optimize your frequencies, vibration, Auric field
  • and more …

If this sounds wonderful, and you’re ready to get started. I invite you to BOOK a Session.

Each session will be unique and customized to address your individual needs.

  • Location, session can either be in-person or via Zoom
  • A single session is great for returning clients or if you wish to give my Shamanic Healing and Sacred Shadow Work approach a try.
  • Sessions are 90 minutes, however if you’re coming in for the first time then I recommend booking my longer 2 hour session.
  • Multi-session packages, if you are interested I have a 3, 5 or 10 session package where we can invest more time unearthing and digging a bit deeper into the cause of things. See details below.

Session Rates

90 minutes, $140
2 Hours, $180
3 sessions, $405
5 Sessions, 650
Get 10-sessions for the price of 9, $1260

Letting Go

3 Session Package

Break through that block!

If you feel you’ve been stuck in the same spot for far too long. Let me me help guide you through some shamanic work that will help you unearth a root cause of your issue so you can gain a new perspective to shift what’s keeping you stuck. Over the 3 sessions you’ll release and heal an old pattern, negative thought or limiting belief by learning to change your subconscious landscape, creating new positive self-image, clearing your total energy system.

The 3 session package includes:

  • 3 One-on-one, 90 minutes healing sessions
  • Bi-weekly appointments, spaced over 1 month.

Deep Shift

5 Session Package

Journey deep within yourself!

Is there something you’d like to accomplish but are being held back by something? You’ll discover what’s been holding you back from fulfilling your dreams. We’ll heal and shift any mental, emotional or physical limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks that’s been preventing you doing the thing you’ve been trying to do. Over the 5 sessions you’ll shift and heal your defensive strategies, self-sabotaging patterns, heal unhealthy attachments and gains, and meet helping guides, divine resources to aid you on your path.

The 5 session package includes:

  • 5 One-on-one, 90 minutes healing sessions
  • Bi-weekly appointments, spaced over 2 months.
  • Includes the Shamanic work in “Letting Go” package

Life Changer

10 Session Package

Go from survival to empowerment!

Have you been struggling to find yourself, still picking up the pieces, finding the energy to move forward after a hurtful or traumatic event? Would you like to feel certain again, heal your fears, stop self-sabotaging your success, bring balance to your life. Over the 10 sessions you’ll learn to embrace change, heal mentally, emotionally and physically. Shamanism will help you reclaim and gather your inner power and soul parts you lost. Re-awaken dormant talents, gifts & abilities and learn your destiny.

The 10 session package includes:

  • 10 One-on-one, 90 minutes healing sessions
  • Bi-weekly appointments, spaced over 5 months.
  • Includes the Shamanic work in “Letting Go & Deep Shift” package

Maybe you’re looking for something else!

If you feel you are or have been the target or effected by toxic, invasive, negative or harmful people or situations.

I recommend BOOKING a 2-hour Protection & Extraction Energy work session, where we would do

  • Energetic cord cutting from toxic people, or a certain situation.
  • Entity extractions and intrusion removals
  • Boost your energetic immunity system to become “sorcery immune” against energetic attacks
  • Cutting your energetic cords from toxic people
  • Clear and drain the emotional and mental toxins.

If you want to go deeper?

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