Connect with your Spirit Guides

Shamanic Healing Sessions for Advice and Guidance

Learn how working with your Spirit Guides can help.

Our Spirit Guides are fantastic resources that will help you on your path.

In a our private one-on-one session I will guide you on a Guided Visualization Shamanic Healing Journey to meet the Guide of your choice, or I’ll suggest the one I feel best that will help you find answers, insight, and advise to your core issues.

If you wish to learn

  • Why you came into this life and what you came here to do.
  • How to energetically protect yourself against psychic attacks or energy vampires.
  • Gain needed skills, characteristics, and qualities to support you on your healing path.
  • Get clearer direction and advice.

Working with Guides brings powerful results.

The reasons one may wish to meet a Spirit Guide is to seek answers, gain insight and wisdom.

These are some of the main spiritual guides you can work with. ‘ll

  • Lower Self
  • Animal Totem
  • Ancient One
  • Upper World Spirit Guide
  • Higher Self
  • Supportive Ancestor


Your Spirit Guides and Angels will never let you down as you build a rapport with them. In the end, they may be the only ones who don’t let you down. ~ Linda Deir

Why work with a Spirit Guide?

  • It is knowing you are not alone.
  • You wish to gain their needed qualities, characteristic and Medicines to better and more fully live your life.
  • You need a powerful guardian to act as your protector against Dark Forces.
  • You are looking for advise, solutions, understanding and new healed ways to more forward.
  • You want to learn more about yourself and get direction.
  • You wish to resolve things, heal, seek reassurance and to simply connect.
  • You want to understand why you are here, what you came to do and put your life into context.
  • They are someone who has an interest in your evolution and healing.

Totem Animal

When you connect with a Totem Animal you will gain the needed qualities, characteristics and medicines they offer to better and to fully live your life.

Lower Self

Your Lower Self resides in the lower world, the non-conscious part of you. You would want to meet and work with them because you need to understand the why, and how you created your defense mechanism, and strategies. They hold your memories, feelings, emotions etc.

Your Ancient One

The Ancient One is known as a Supreme Protector of the Old World, who guards and protect against “Harmful Forces” such as psychic attacks, negative energy, jealousy and gossip and more.

Spirit Guide

Your Spirit Guide is an important member of the Spiritual Team because they will help you navigate life, understand yourself and your decisions offering guidance and advise.

Higher Self

Your Higher Self  resides in the upper world, realm of Spirit, over arching agreements, life plans, Karma, or past life issues. They are the part of you that never entered in linear time, and perceives things in a bigger picture way, destiny work, life purpose as they oversee you in all that you are.

Supportive Ancestor

Your Ancestors have had a big impact on your life, and lineage. Purpose to meet them is to help you resolve things, heal, seek reassurance, to work towards a healed outcome in our relationship, and/or to simply connect with them.

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