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Explore the Energy Healing Medicine Work I Do & How it can Help

Energy work is wonderful to relieve exhaustion, stress and overwhelm?

Let’s be honest life can be heavy. If you have low energy, feel off balance, easily irritable, or taken on some toxic energies

I will include energy work in our session to help …

If you’ve been around toxic, invasive, negative or harmful people or situations. It’s great to boost your vibration, change your frequency, transform negative feelings, and emotions.

Here are some situations where adding some energy healing medicine work in your session

When …

  • You lost your job, or a loved one.
  • Your physical and emotional health has taken a hit.
  • The state of the world is causing you anxiety and stress.
  • You’re fearful of the future.

Let’s be honest this is heavy stuff!

Way too much for one person to carry around.

I can help you clear the heaviness, provide some shielding work for protection, provide your energy system with healing energy to help relax your nervous system and more.

If needed I will include a combination of hands on and off body (physically or energetic) healing methods and sound healing therapy to support your Shamanic Healing Energy session.

What if you give yourself time to …

  • Release the stress build up.
  • Balance your Chakras.
  • Clear up energetic and emotional blocks.
  • Bringing your body-mind-spirit into balance.
  • Boost your energetic immunity system.
  • Release a fear of rejection, abandonment, betrayal or loss of self-worth.
  • Resolves self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Clear and drain the emotional and mental toxins.
  • Address whatever else needs to clear

If this sounds wonderful, I invite you to book 1:1 one or more of my private one-on-one (in-person or Zoom) Healing Session.

Energy Healing Work that goes deeper

In additional to traditional light work, energy healing I do I also do some other really marvelous stuff that might interest you.

Types of shamanic energy healing work I can offer you

  • Rainbow Web healing Ceremony using Flames of Great Fire, Magnetic and Gravitational energies.
  • Calibrate and correct energetic weaknesses.
  • Clear and release your affinities, energetic predisposition, non-conscious signals around rejection, abandonment, betrayal or loss of self-worth.
  • Energetic cord cutting from toxic people, or a certain situation.
  • Awaken your divine talents, gifts and abilities with a 12 -Strand or Star Nations DNA Activation
  • Entity extractions and intrusion removals
  • Web of Light Ceremony optimize your Auric field
  • Boost your energetic immunity system to become “sorcery immune” against energetic attacks
  • Cutting your energetic cords from toxic people
  • Clear and drain the emotional and mental toxins.
  • Address whatever else needs to clear

If you would like to receive one of these during your session let me know. I’d love to share this energy healing work with you.

If you want to go deep, consider my Soul Retrieval Pathwork Program, or browse through my specialized Shamanic work. Want to get a taste of my healing my healing work watch this video

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