Themed Shamanic Pathwork Packages

Over the 5 sessions you will…

  • Target specific healed outcomes.
  • Step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness.
  • Be offered a blend of Shamanic healing methods, different themed Journeys and energy healing therapies to heal your wounded core beliefs and patterns.
  • Opportunity to go deeper into the pathwork of my unique Shamanism, Sacred Shadow Work, Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine approach.
  • To help maintain consistency and commitment the 5 sessions are to be facilitated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Your Investment: $670 / program

  • 1st Session: 2 hours
  • Remaining sessions: 90 minutes

Picking a Themed Shamanic Healing Pathwork Package

If you recognize that your issue revolves around a specific theme or pattern then I recommend taking a look at one of the themed pathwork packages below.

Listen to your gut, trust your feelings, when one resonates with you.

When working toward any sort of change or shift be mindful that your experience will be unique and different, and as such, results may vary.

Once the program is complete and you see yourself improving we will discuss next steps. That could be you continue on your path and live out the healing,  but if thought necessary additional sessions maybe be needed you can space out additional sessions weekly, bi-weekly or one month.

New Beginnings:

This pathwork is excellent if you just starting out on a healing path.

You’ve had no experience with Shamanic healing work but are interested in giving it a try. Especially good if you feel you’ve been stuck in the same spot for far too long.

Even though you don’t know exactly where your healing journey will take you, what you do know is you are ready to start.

Let me me help guide you through some shamanic work that will help you unearth a root cause of your issue so you can gain a new perspective to shift what’s keeping you stuck.

Power & Protection:

This pathwork is for those who need to rekindle their Soul’s strength and protection abilities.

For whatever reason you are experiencing lots of negativity in your life. Perhaps your personal power was taken, or you’re often a target of invasive, inappropriate or harmful energies, actions, feels from others. You may even believe you’ve been cursed. Or the source of negativity is a little closer to home, too much negative self-talk, self-worth issues, self-sabotage, boundaries are poor, hard time standing up for yourself.

Let me help you clear and extract these toxic forms, I have plenty of great tools. If you need energy clearing & balancing, a cord cutting with draining people and situations, protection work to clear bad medicine, curses. Shielding techniques to strengthen your energy bodies, release your inner saboteur, and more.

Spiritual Guidance:

This pathwork is about taking the seekers path.

You’ve already done some healing, the ground work has been prepared, so your looking to go deeper. Are you interested in healing your karma, healing ancestral wounds, want to further understand your Soul’s sacred agreement. If you are ready to dive deeper into your Soul’s journey and to figure out why you are here.

Let me share with you ways to work with Spirit guides, power animals, Sacred deities, as well as, explore higher energy healing work to discovery your ancestral gifts, destiny line, and learn how to work towards your purpose.

Rebirth & Reawaken:

This pathwork is about leaving your old core themes and patterns behind.

Giving yourself a second chance, be it with love, your health, and/or career. Dive in with focus and commitment to release and resolve your debilitating emotions, key defense mechanisms, sabotaging patterns, and coping strategies that have kept you floating through life.

Let me help you break free from your limitations, shift your unhealthy dependencies, attract more of the good stuff, see yourself as worthy of love, health and money,. You can become the person you’ve dreamed you are meant to be.

These private one-on-one Shamanic Healing Themed Pathwork Package sessions can take place in-person or over Zoom.

Please note: Jennifer is not psychotherapist. Her shadow work practice uses shamanic based methods, and a holistic Spiritual approach, She does not offer medical or psychological advice. If you need a referral to a therapist or a psychiatrist I can help you.

Interested in booking a session but you have some questions?

Want to learn how this work can help you? Let’s chat about diving deeper together!

Working with Jennifer changed my life. It opened the doors to deep inner healing that occurred faster in two beginner sessions than months of coaching work or other work combined for years. It got me to the root of my limiting beliefs with regards to relationships and cultivate a healthier relationship with myself, thus improving those in my life. I am so grateful for her guidance and working together.

A.S.Physisian - Calgary, Alberta

With all my heart I recommend taking an inner journey with Jennifer. She is a genuine powerhouse with solid, trustworthy knowledge.  Her skill set is strong and she has a wide variety of techniques packed in her healing tool kit. If you are new to energy healing, you can trust you will be safely guided through inner realms and back by Jennifer. If you are a seasoned healer at a crossroads or needing a little nudge, you will respect her knowledge, ethics and kindness in accommodating your beliefs and experience on the adventure. And, of course, most importantly….you’ll get the results you have been searching for and the answers you have been seeking.

J.M.Retired College Administrator - Ontario, Canada

Thank you for opening a portal into what has been one of the most profound, sacred spiritual journeys that I’ve ever embarked on. I guess the day I saw you aligned really well with the cosmic frequency. So many connections came to fruition. There is just so much, but I am receiving signs all day. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance. Thank you again; words do not express enough of my gratitude. Light and Love.

M.T.Therapist - Ontario, Canada
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